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August 20, 2020

Kusyen Kereta

Pemborong pelbagai jenis sarung kusyen kereta dengan harga direct Kilang.  Material merangkumi Nylon, Sutera, Velvet, PU Leather….  Material yang digunakan adalah jenis Grade A    Good ventilation / pengudaraan Soft surface / permukaan lembut Comfortable, Durable/ tahan lama Sesuai untuk semua jenis kereta 5 atau 7 seater. Custom-made, Garanti Fit Senang dipasang, DIY sendiri / Easy to fix, self-install Free Pos seluruh Malaysia   Visit […]

May 10, 2020

Borneo Birds – CK Leong

Hi, my name is Ceekay. I am a full time bird guide based in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I have been birding since 1987, having previously shown particular disregard for birdwatching until I saw a White-Browed Shrike Babbler through the eyepiece of a visiting birder’s spotting scope. Since then I have improved just a bit more, at times graduating to the birds of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, […]

May 10, 2020

Dr. Stephen Sutton

He has been an invertebrate ecologist, specialising since 1980 in auditing the biodiversity of tropical forest insects. One of the pioneers of upper canopy research in rain forests. He lectured at Leeds University for 25 years and since early retirement in 1999 has been active in environmental consultancy. He has wide experience of planning and managing scientific field surveys and research programmes for major NGO’s and parastatal […]

April 26, 2020

Sabah Web Design

Sabah Web Design offer super cheap and affordable high quality website design starting from $70 only. The world is changing and all businesses must do business online.  Sabah Web Design also can help you redesign your old/existing website at the offered price listed in the Sabah Web Design website. Check out our offer now at

April 23, 2020

Sabah Malaysia Construction Products and Hardware Supplier

Hung Tat Hardware & Trading Hung Tat Hardware & Trading is Top construction products and hardware supplier based in Sabah, Malaysia. that offers plaster additives, PVC corner beading and groove joint, waterproofing additives, tile glue, crack seal and mortar pump machine for sale. Our products make construction works easier and more efficient. Please contact Mr. Ken Hew at Tel (O) : +6088 710601 • H/P : […]

April 20, 2020

Tea Image 茶美集

茶美集 走高质量,性价比高路线,在产品安全、卫生、品质等方面严格管理品牌定位于具有丰富时代感, 而又不失原有的茶文化与保健意义。   营养价值 白茶具有很多的营养价值,能够促进新陈代谢,提高睡眠质量。 下面,我们来看看福鼎白茶的功效有哪些吧。     (1)帮助减肥。福鼎白茶中含有脂肪活性,可以促进人体的脂肪分解,从而起到帮助减肥的作用。   (2)血糖平衡。福鼎白茶还具有控制人体胰岛素分泌的作用,从而促进人体糖分的分解,具有促进血糖平衡的作用。   (3)解毒作用。福鼎白茶中含有多种氨基酸,具有解毒的作用,因此,在夏天的时候可以常饮用福鼎白茶。   (4)祛暑。福鼎白茶还具有祛暑的作用,很多茶农都把福鼎白茶当成夏天必备的饮品之一。

April 20, 2020

CR8 Robotics Workshop with Lego Mindstorms

Established in 2003 and widely known as CR8®, Creative Robotics™ is the FIRST robotics learning center in Malaysia that teach kids age 5 to 15 on how to build robots with Lego Mindstorms.   CR8 Robotics Borneo holds the master franchise for Sabah & Sarawak that provides robotics training for children to explore science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts. The trainings provide the advantages […]